TR Crandall Guitars July Performance

TR Crandall Guitars

So back in July we had the pleasure of performing in the storefront of TR Crandall's Guitars in the East Village of NYC.
Place is fantastic.
Exposed brick donned with guitars from all decades, just full of character.

If you're New York bound, make sure you swing through.
The owners, Tom Crandall & Al Whitman, are the real deal.

In fact make sure you head over to their blog to read about Tom's restoration of the on of a kind Curtis Roger's National Guitar that was featured in the NY Times.
Phenomenal work.

Well, the night of our performance we was lucky enough to have Duffy Higgins from A76 Productions there that night photographic & filming.
He caught some great shots and a take of a newer tune I wrote called "South County".

Photos by Duffy Higgins / Edited by Johnny Richie