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Billy Woodward is a roots singer-songwriter originally from the southern shores of Maryland and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His unique songwriting and storytelling is a direct result of his life-long adoration of traditional folk/blues, R&B and rock & roll. Woodward has been featured in “Sun Sessions”, after recording his award winning EP, "The Beast In Me", at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN and is a former cast member of the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet.

full bio

Hailing from the southern shores of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, Billy Woodward has forged his path as an artist through his passion for music, animation and art. From performing in the Broadway production of Million Dollar Quartet to working as an Art Director at Rolling Stone Magazine to most recently animating sequences for the film David Crosby: Remember My Name, Billy has always kept his sights on pursuing his deep adoration of Americana aesthetics and sounds. He recorded his debut EP, ‘The Beast In Me’, in 2013 at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. A six song sprawl through the weeds of American storytelling the EP is a conceptually laced tale dressed with murder ballads and hopeful soul music all wrapped in a traditional rock and roll packaging. It won Best Roots EP at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards and was subsequently featured on the show ‘Sun Sessions’. Woodward has since evolved his songwriting and live performance as he has dug deeper into his curiosity for music and storytelling. Advancing his love for the craft of animation has also expanded his toolbox for self expression as he currently works on a new full-length record slated for a 2020 release.





Photography by Rosie Cohe